Illustrator from Berlin

Editorial · Web · Print · Children's book · etc.

Illustration tells stories in endless different ways – it accompanies texts, actions, products and more. It explains circumstances, highlights context and connection and helps us to understand. In the best case illustration inspires you to start thinking, even after you've finished the article and put the magazine aside.


My name is Felice and I'm a freelance illustrator from Berlin, Germany. My focus lies on magazine and newspaper artwork (editorial illustration), but I am also available for music/band/DJ artwork, flyers, postcards, T-shirt designs or whatever else you need. 


My main interest are people (beauty, editorial, kids, ...), but I also love to illustrate animals, landscapes, scenes and much more. You can chose between traditional media as pencil, coloured pencil, ink and watercolor, and digital illustrations with Photoshop and Illustrator – or everything combined.


You can find work examples in the gallery. If you are interested in working with me: Shoot me an e-mail! I am looking forward to hear from you.

SOME CLIENTS (selected):

ARTE, Brigitte MOM (Gruner & Jahr), (ZEIT Verlag), ELTERN (Gruner & Jahr), Jimdo, JS Unconf, Second State (Clint Stewart), Plurale Magazin, SYN Magazin, Commas and Colons Magazine, Chris & Alina Wedding Photography, Mindmap of Love Project Verona (Mauro Fiorese und Christian Zott), Twincable Beckum, No Rational Product, Gipfelfreizeit, Tim Altenhof M.Arch. (Yale), ...